Teaching a boy to become a man can  not be done by a woman or just any  adult male. A boy learns by observing his father and the greatest thing a father can do for his son is to set a good example.

A puppy learns how to be a dog by observing his parents and a child learns in the same way. A dog can not train a kitten to become a dog and a dysfunction human can not teach their children how to become productive members of society.

The greatest gift a father can give his son is a good example.

Schools run by the government don’t teach children how to think, they teach hem what the government wants them to believe. By controlling what the children are taught they are able to control what the children believe, which in turn will be able to prepare them be obedient servants rather than responsible members of society.

A boy develops the attributes necessary to succeed in life by watching his father. A father who sets a bad example for his son condemns his son a life of failure and frustration.

For a boy to become a man, the father must demonstrate to his son the principles that will lead to a meaningful life.

Please share this message to all of the fathers you know.