Back in 1770’s the American Colonist had reached their boiling point. They had had enough and they knew that their complaints to King George were being ignored and that trying to politely get the King to respect their rights was not going to produce what they were looking for.

They realized that in order to get the King’s attention, it would be necessary for the Colonists to resist tyranny by defying his laws. After their petitions for a redress of grievances were ignored, the Colonists had to chose to submit to the tyranny or o become actively involved in over throwing their government.

How far must we be pushed, before we collectively decide that we too, have had enough. Signing petitions and calling our Congressman is as exercise in futility. Just like King George, our elected officials believe that we the people like the courage to do what is necessary to end the Congressional Reign of Terror. When asked his opinion, Patrick Henry once said “Give me Liberty of Give Me Death”. I think the time is coming when all Americans will be required to make that same decision. Talk is cheap, what we need is boots on the ground

One cannot help in restoring our Constitutional Republic unless they have their boots on the ground. It is impossible for us to escape tyranny, if all we do is sit back and wait for others to move the mountain for us.

The first step is to educate oneself on the principles on individual liberty and second step is to set the goal you wish to accomplish. Then you need to develop a plan accomplish your goal.

The next step is to created an army of like minded individuals to share your vision and the final step to take action. Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

If you would like escape the tyranny of big government and want to know what you can, please read our nation’s founding documents.In the Declaration of Independence our founding fathers revealed the principles upon which our nations was established.

They considered it to be a self evident truth that all men were created equal and that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which include the right to life, liberty and property,

They also believed that governments derived their just power from the consent of the governed and that when a government becomes fails to protect the rights of the people, it is their right and their duty of alter or abolish it.

They have the plan I believe offers the best opportunity to restore the people to their rightful position of supremacy over a corrupt Federal government.