There are over 535 men and women who have been elected Kings and Queens in the land of the free. These elected monarchs have written laws that have converted our Constitutional Republic in to a Corporate Empire where the financial elite are able steal the wealth of the people under the color of law.

If the people living in a Country are to live free, the government must be restrained. The people are responsible to hold their elected officials accountable or pay the penalty for their negligence.

As long as we keep expecting our elected officials to take care of us, that is exactly what they will do. We must start by electing a Constitutional County Sheriff. The we need a Constitutional District Attorney, a Constitutional County Judge and a Constitutional County Board of Supervisors. We also need to elect individuals that understand the Constitutions to our local City Councils and School Boards. We need to restore legitimate Grand Juries at the County level and create local Militias and Committees of Safety.

It is impossible for us to restore our Constitutional Republic by voting for a different set of corrupt politicians. Assigning our representatives in Congress the task of fixing the problems that they have created is like trusting your teenage son with your credit card.

The fact is that we can not change what is going on in Washington, until we regain control of our cities and counties. Corruption is running rampant because we have put too much faith and trust in leaders that want to rule over us rather than protect our God given rights. We must first become educated and then we must roll up our sleeves and do whatever is required to save our nation.

Voting out the current set of Kings and Queens and replacing them with a new set Monarchs is like replacing a house full of rodents with a hungry termites.