The Founding Fathers knew that the government that they had created would only survive if the people would take responsibility to demand that their elected officials would remain true and faithful to the Constitution and the principles upon which it was constructed.

For our form of government to function properly it is up to the people be virtuous and to be knowledgeable. The government was creaed to provide us with opportunities. If we accepted responsibility we could acquire both peace and prosperity.

When we began looking to our government as a distribution center for benefits we developed an entitlement mentality that has caused us to lose the qualities that made our country great.

By assigning our government the task of providing for us, we have lost our incentive to and have become dependent upon government to guarantee that we wil be taken care of. By eliminating risk we eliminate the rewards associated with success. We have become a mere shadow of what we had the potential to become.

Rather than sharing the American Dream with the world, we are now exporting an American Nightmare. We now we have over 700 Military Bases around the World with and over 250,000 of our troops occupying foreign soil. How would we feel about having Chinese Military Bases in Upstate New York or in the Florida Everglades?

Unfortunately, today we are hated around the world for being the antithesis of what we once represented.