When the majority of voters become financially dependent on the government for unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, government entitlements and jobs, America will have been destroyed by those that we elected to protect our lives, liberty and property. When 51% of the voters discover that they can use the government to pick their neighbors pocket, our country will cease to exist.

Over the past hundred years the number of those feeding from the public trough has continued to grow, and today there are more people receiving benefits from the government than there are tax payers. President Obama is leading the charge, but Congress continues to allow him to issue Executive Orders that have accelerated our nation’s downward spiral.

Congress, and not the President, controls how and where the money is to be allocated.Congress continues to spend money like a drunken sailor and then blames the President for his wasteful spending. The President is supposed to be an administrator and it is the responsibility of Congress to prevent him from assuming power that has not been granted to him by the Constitution.

The President would not be capable of violating his oath of office without the consent of Congress. We need to have a complete and total Congressional enemaEvery single incumbent needs to be challenged and defeated in the primaries.

I am sad that the Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty of selling our sovereignty to the highest bidder.

Please share this information with everyone you know. The future of our nation and your freedom is at stake, please do what you can to awaken your friends and neighbors before it is too late.