When a school yard bully offers to protect his classmates in exchange for a portion of their lunch money, he is running a protection racket. It just so happens that the bully is the guy who beats up the children who refuse to pay the “protection” fee.

This is precisely what our government is doing to us. Under the guise of taking care of us, they steal our money and our freedom. Like the school yard bully, the government is also the greatest threat to our safety. In order to steal our money and our freedom, they must first make us afraid.

When we are sufficiently scared, we gladly pay the government to protect us from real or imaginary threats. Sadly, the government which was created to protect our lives, liberty and property has become the greatest threat to our security.

Those who refuse to follow Caeser’s rules and pay him tribute will end up in a cage or a cemetery. When a school yard bully begins to take your lunch money, it is just a matter of time until he requires a larger share. Eventually he will force you to borrow money in order to pay for his services.