Back in 1776 the American Colonist were divided into three camps. In the first group were those that remained loyal to King George. The second group were the fence straddlers that wanted to remain neutral and the third group were the courageous individuals that believed in the notion that they had rights that were given to them by God. Thanks to the courageous minority that were willing to fight for freedom a nation was founded upon the principle of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Today there are those among us that wish to have us surrender our liberty in exchange for entitlements. When we a person takes property that does not belong to them, they have committed a crime. But when the government takes the harvest from a productive individual to gives it to another, they too, have committed a crime. Our Founding Fathers understood and were willing to fight and die to prevent a distant Monarch from stealing their property. Today the tyrants reside in Washington D.C. and they are out to pick our pockets.

As long as the people remain asleep the Politicians will continue spending our money on unconstitutional programs that steal from the productive members of society to provide benefits to that are unwilling to take responsibility for their own success or failure. As long as we keep re-electing incumbents to Congress we are going to keep getting the same disgusting results.

Those that we have been electing have been picking our collective pockets to buy the votes of those that are receiving special benefits. It is impossible for a government to provide benefits to one group of Americans without first taking it from another. When a person takes the property from another person they have committed a crime.

When a government takes the property of one individual and gives it to another they have committed a crime. In the Preamble to the Constitution of the missions of our government is to promote the General Welfare not provide benefits for Specific individuals or groups. The time has come for you to decide to join the ranks of Traitors, Cowards or Patriots.