The United States was created to be the Commonwealth of American States. In a Commonwealth all of people have equal rights and responsibilities and are expected to respect the lives, liberty and property of everyone living in the community.

Description: Commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good. Historically it has sometimes been synonymous with “republic”. The noun “commonwealth”, meaning “public welfare general good or advantage” dates from the 15th century. Originally a phrase it comes from the old meaning of “wealth”, which is “well-being”, and is itself a loose translation of the Latin res publica.

The term literally meant “common well-being”. In the 17th century, the definition of “commonwealth” expanded from its original sense of “public welfare” or “commonweal” to mean “a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people; a republic or democratic state”. The term evolved to become a title to a number of political entities.

Three countries – Australia, the Bahamas, and Dominica – have the official title “Commonwealth”, as do four U.S. states and two U.S. territories. More recently, the term has been used to name some fraternal associations of nations, most notably the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization primarily of former territories of the British Empire, which is often referred to as simply “the Commonwealth”.

The earth was created by God and we are merely tenants on the land. Property is not the land it is that which men create. The house which we build is our property, but the land collectively belongs  to the people.

All land within a Commonwealth is collectively owned by the people and individuals can only possess land they rent from their county. The rent collected would fund the schools, law enforcement and other necessary services provided by the county.

This land rent would replace all forms of taxation which would greatly increase everyone’s disposable income while promoting peace, prosperity and freedom. 

Every man would be both a tenant and a  landlord. Each county would pay to their state government an smouny equal to 10% of land rent collected. Each state would an amount equal to 10% of the land rent collected to pay for the common defense of the nationn.