People have been taught that in order to succeed in life it’s necessary for us to compete with others for the  bounties of life.  Unfortunately, greed has caused many embrace a win at all cost mentality.

As a result many producers engage is unfair practices in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Competition can be a great benefit to society  When it is conducted in an honest and ethical manner.

Whenever  men are engaged in competition there will always be winners and losers. Unfortunately the number of winners are few while the number of losers are many.

The role of government should be to punish those who compete unfairly. Unfortunately the government that was created to protect us has become partners with the banking institutions and corporations that seek to benefit at the expense of others,

When men compete on a level playing field, they are rewarded based on how well they utilize their time, talent and resources. When the government intervenes in behalf certain businesses, the quantity and quality of the goods and services  go down and the prices go up.

The survival of the fittest applies in the animal kingdom, but as humans we are accountable to our Creator to respect the lives, liberty  and property of everyone on the planet.