Members of Congress are the agents of the Corporations that fund their political campaigns. Once the candidate is elected, the Congressman turns his or her back on the Constitution and repays the debt to their employer. This is how our government was changed from a Constitutional Republic in to a Democracy, where large special interest group can vote to take away the life, liberty and property of the smaller groups.

This is nothing more than the redistribution of wealth which the founders believed would lead to the tyranny of the majority. The proponents on socialism claim that the group is more important than the individual and that one must be willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the greater number.

This theory is the foundation upon which the states created by Hitler and Stalin were built. The members of Congress are agents for the International Bankers and Corporations.”We the People” are allowed to elect the men and women that take their marching orders from the Corporations that seek to enslave us. We are nothing more than slaves on a government plantation that is being run by a cartel of greedy bankers and corrupt politicians.

In order to eradicate Yellow Fever it was necessary to drain the swamp, and in order to eliminate corruption on Capital Hill we need to remove all of the Congress men and women that have sold their votes to the corporations that finance their campaigns.

We need to elect men and women that are committed to honoring their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The only candidates that should be considered will not accept financial contributions from corporations. The candidates that we need to elect should be statesmen that base their position on the Constitution and the principles of sound government. We need to distance ourselves from politicians that say whatever they need to say to get elected and do whatever they are told to do by those that have purchased their loyalty.

The same corrupt corporations that control politics, also control the media and public education. The financial elite have a vested interest in keeping the American people uninformed. It is a lot easier to control masses if the people remain in the dark. Johannes. Goethe, a German philosopher once said “The most helpless of all slaves is the man that falsely believes he is free”.

Electing politicians that have sold their souls to the bankers and corporations that control our government makes about as much sense as hiring Jerry Sandusky to supervise the Boy’s Locker Room.