Public Schools are nothing more than factories where children go to be programmed. The purpose of the schools is to train the children to be obedient servants of the state. They are told not to question authority and to always what they are told. They are taught that it is a sin to question authority.

They are taught to trust their leaders and to look to the government to solve all of their problems. They’re taught not to question authority and that all good boys and girls are always obedient.

Public schools are like assembly lines where creative individuals are converted into obedient robots trained to serve their masters and to do what they are told.

Students that think outside of the box are identified as trouble makers. Those who have the audacity to question authority are punished while to those who blindly obey are rewarded.

The public schools don’t teach our children how to think, they teach them what to think. Our children are like floppy disks that are being programmed by the government.

The best way to control a people is to program the children. By controlling what our children are being taught they can control the future destiny of the children and the destiny of our nation.

Dogs are sent to Dog Obedience Schools to be trained  and our children are sent to Public Schools for the same reason.

The purpose of public education is to teach children to do what they are told and obey all of the rules. They are taught to believe whatever the government wants them to believe and to never question authority.

The teachers are trained in Colleges and Universities to transfer curriculum rather than teaching students how to think for themselves. 

When a dog is obedient they are given treats and when students are obedient that are given good grades. 

Dogs are not responsible to provide for their food and water, and  our children are taught the it is the responsibility to government to provide them with everything they need and want.

In the state of nature, a dog is a wild animal that must be domesticated and taught to become dependent on his master. Like a wild dog a child to be free, must also be responsible.