If you really want to help in restoring our republic you must avoid getting into arguments with people who do not understand the principles of liberty and the Constitution. 

Your job is to motivate progressive individuals study Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

When an individual learns the principles of liberty and sound government, it is likely they will begin to understand what our founding fathers were trying to accomplish when they wrote the Constitution.

It is not reasonable to expect a person that hasn’t  mastered the multiplication tables to be able to solve an algebraic equation. Likewise it is equally unlikely that a person who doesn’t understand the principles of sound government will be able to solve important political problems.

Don’t debate those who disagree with you, invite them to educate themselves by collecting evidence and drawing their own conclusions. When an intelligent individual has the facts it is likely they will be able to discern fact from fiction.

Most of those who disagree with you are intelligent people who have not been properly educated. Their opinions are based on what they believe is true and if you can help them to realize that they have been deceived into believing that we live in a democracy.

Don’t identify yourself as a republican or a conservative. Tell them you are a critical thinker who believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility,