Earl Warren who was a former Governor of California stabbed the people in the back when he changed California from a Constitution Republic into a Democracy.

Each of the 58 counties in California had been represented in the state legislature until the Supreme Court ruled that allowing the counties to be equally represented in the state senate was unconstitutional and that the apportionment must be based on population.

This changed the bicameral legislature representing both the counties and the people into a unicameral legislature representing only the people/ 

Before this horrendous decision, the rural counties had the power to prevent the abuse of power by the urban counties. 

In the Senate of the United States, each state is entitled to two Senators, but in the several states, there are counties are no longer represented  in the state legislatures.

Why did Warren support equal representation of the people in the Senate of the United States and oppose the equal representation of the counties at the state level.

Either Warren didn’t understand the advantages of having one house to represent the people and a second house to represent the states. The same principles should apply at both the state and national lever.

The counties in Northern California have a relatively small population, but are blessed with an abundance of water and other natural resources.. The counties in the south have a very large number of voters  and very little water. Warren realized that by stripping the Northern Counties of their Senators, he could deliver Northern California water to the south with very little opposition.

It is morally wrong for the northernmost counties to be compelled to supply that water to the southern most counties without their consent. By stripping the counties in Northern California of a voice in the senate, Justice Earl Warren knew that he would be able to deliver water to the heavily populated counties and it would pay big dividends at the ballot box for him and his political allies.

California’s first Constitution mandated that each of the counties would have one representative in the state senate. In 1965 the Supreme Court caused the State of California to amend the Constitution without the approval of the voters in order to strip some of the counties of equal representation. This was a flagrant violation of the Constitution and we need to demand the restoration of the counties in the state senate.