If a government derives its power from the consent of the government, only the people have the lawful right to determine when that  power is being abused.

If the parents establish rules to govern their household, do the children have a right to determine when the rules have been broken?

Allowing the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution gives them the power to amend the Constitution by misinterpreting its original intent.

The Constitution says what it says and means what it meant when it was written.

The  Constitution is a contract between an employer and its employees. The people are the employer and the government is the employee. Who determines when the employee has violated the contract?

For over 200 years, We the People have allowed  our employees on the Supreme Court to determine what is and what is not Constitutional. This power was never delegated to the Supreme Court; the lawful authority belongs to representatives of the people in the state legislatures.

If senators were elected according to the Constitution, would be chosen by the legislators of the states and they would have the authority to interpret the Constitution. .

Allowing the people to directly elect their senators, has taken the power of the states and transferred it the Supreme Court.

Hiring nine unelected and unaccountable lawyers to decide important issues would be like trusting Al Capone and eight of his business partners with the keys to Fort Knox.