Government  schools are factories where parents send their children to be taught to memorize and regurgitate. The job of the teacher is to transfer curriculum rather than teaching their students how to think.

>Our children are not taught to think for themselves, They are taught to accept the whatever the financial elite want them to believe. The children are not  being educated, they are being indoctrinated,

The children are not taught how to manage their money, they are taught to how to spend money that have not yet earned. 

Rather than teaching our children the principles of Natural Law, and      The Law of the Harvest .Click Here


 The schools teach our children to obey all of the laws, rules, and regulations, but when we obey directives that violate another person’s natural rights we are as guilty as those who wrote the laws.

The children are taught that success is measured by the acquisition of material wealth, rather than the service the render to others. 

Rather than teaching our youth to earn from the seeds they have planted, they are taught to harvest the fruits of another man’s labor.

What are children need to learn more than anything else is to love one another and to respect the lives, liberty and property of everyone else on the planted.