Dangers of Democracy


The most hotly contested debate that took place at the Constitutional Convention was over how the representatives would be chosen to serve in the Congress. The large states wanted representation to be based on population, while the small states insisted that each state should have equal representation.

Roger Sherman of Connecticut suggested s Great Compromise that created a bicameral legislature with one house based on proportional representation and a second house based on equal representation. His plan prevented our republic from turning into a democracy.

This same bicameral model was duplicated in the states which consisted of both large and small counties. This was done to prevent the large counties from completely dominating the small populations..

With this model in place the small counties could block unfavorable legislation proposed by the representatives of the large counties.

In the mid 1960’s the Supreme Court issued a series of opinions that this model was unconstitutional. The Court ruled that both houses in the state legislature needed to be based population. They ruled that only the people and not the counties could be represented in the state legislatures. If the court insisted that the legislative bodies at the state level must be based on population only why didn’t they declare that the U.S. Senate also had  to to be reconstructed to comply with their ridiculous opinion.

In the opinion of the Supreme Court the provisions in the 14th Amendment required everyone’s vote to be counted equally. If equal representation of the states in the senate was permissible, they ruled that the same principle did not apply to representation in the senate.

The City and County of Los Angeles has 18 Congressional Districts which is more any other state other than Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

With the ratification of the 17th amendment and the direct election of senators the states could no longer block the will of the majority in the House which essentially turned our Republic  into a democracy. 

Since the City and County of Los Angeles had all the votes they needed votes they would be able to elect senators to represent themselves at the expense  of every other  Californian.