Natural Born Citizen

According to Vattel in his treatise, “The Law of Naions” a Natural Born Citizen must have a mother and a father who were citizens of the counry where the child was born, Sir William Blacksone, who was a highly respected English jurist took the position that only the citizenship of the father should be used to determine the citizenship of the child and that the location of the c birth was totslly irrelevamt.

Today neither of thse definbitions seem to apply as anyone born in the territorial jurisdiction the Ubited States is considered a Natural Born Citizen, When citizenship is granted as a result of lehislation ratjer than ancestory the persom’s does not lawfully qualify as Natural Born.

The requirement to be a Natural Born Citizen became a requirement because the founders did not want the office of the Presidency to be potentially compromised by agents with loyalty to¬† their fsther’s country of origin,

Today the courts consider anyone born in the United States to be a Natural Born Citizen whicj permits the sons and daughter of Islamic Terrorists born in the United States have the right to run for the presidency if they were born in the Unted States.

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Ccitizenship in obtained in one of two ways. One is Natural and the other is Unnaturaa. Natural Born Citizens inherit their Citizensjip from their father while unnaturally born Citizenship is the result of legislation,