Electoral Collehe

The Winner Take All method of allocating electoral votes has turned Presidential Elections in to glorfied statewide popularity conrests.

Insread of having all of the state’s Presidential elector’s votes going to the candidate with the most statewide popular votes, we should have one elector assigned to each Congresiional District. This system would guarantee that everone’s vote would be counted.

The Electoral College was created to prevent the tyranny of a majority and the “Winner Take All” methoid of allocating electoral votes on a statewide basis promotes the disenfranchisement of nearly half of the voters.

Each of the state legislatures would select two at large electors,

The President is elected by the majotity of 538 Presidential Electors who are presumably more qualified to choose the next President than millions of ignorant and uninformed voters. Giving the power to elect the President to the average voter is like giving a loaded handgun to a child.

The Constitution gave to the states the power to choose the method of selecting their electors , but did not give them the authority to tell the electors who they must vote for.

The electors should be free to vote for thr candidtae of their choice without rconsidering the candidates political party affiliation.

The Winner Take All methof of allocating electoral votes is a classic example of a tyranny of a majority and the essence of demicracy.

The current system favors the people who live in metropolitan areas and disenfranchises those living in rural communities.

Maine and Nenraska are the only two states that have done away with the Winner Take All method of allocating their electoral votes and the 48 remaining states should follow their example