Unequal Representation

If a pizza is equally divided every person would receive the same number of slices.  Like a Pizza, representation in Congress is supposed to be equally apportioned and it is not.

Wyoming with a population of less than 600,000’s has one Congressional Districts while represents around 575.000 inhabitants while  political power needs to be shared equally among the states.

Between 2010 and 2020, the resident population in Florida increased from 18,801,310 to 21,538,187. The average number of people in each congressional district increased from 696,345 to 769,221

If the residents of Florida were being equally represented with the people of Wyoming the districts in both states would be the same. Currently there are nearly 200,000 Floridians that are not being counted for the purpose of apportionment in the House of Representatives. 

If both states were being treated equally, Florida would have 10 more Congressional Representatives.

The Supreme Court has ruled that every man’s vote should count the same, but apparently this principles does not apply to apportionment  in the House of Representatives.

The only way all of the people in all of the states can be equally represented is if all of the Congressional Districts are the same size as the one in Wyoming. This would increase the size of the House of Representatives from 435 to 567.